Fashion Tips & Trends – The Summer’s Hottest Dresses

What’s best this summer? A popular style is the strapless dress. Strapless can flatter any body type, as long it is in the right fabric and the right fit. For example, if you are looking to support a fuller bust, or you feel that your figure needs to be slimmed down, stay away from clingy fabrics, like jersey dresses. Choose a fabric, like heavy cotton with built in boning to create a sexy, streamlined look.

If you fall into the dreaded half-size category, always choose a dress that is one size larger to avoid any hang over in the armpit area; if you fear that it will not fit correctly everywhere else, take it to a tailor and have it taken in only in the areas that need it. One of the hottest new looks for the strapless dress is to wear a paper-thin t-shirt, in a solid color, underneath it; if you choose to go with bare shoulders and are worried about being a little chilly in the evening, purchase a cropped jacket or a wrap knit in silk for a luxurious feel all night long.

Shift dresses are another hot look this season that compliment any figure. They are cool and comfortable no matter what you are doing, and the swing they give is flirty and fun. You can pair these dresses with wedges, flip flops or ballet flats and still have a great look; jelly shoes are back in again too and these are such a quick and fun slip-on. The beauty of the shift dress is that it takes you back to the less stressful, younger years in your life when you were busy chasing butterflies and running through sprinklers instead of chasing cabs and running through the subway.

Keeping with the newest Latin American inspired trends, Mexican blanket tube dresses are popping up on the runways, accented with bright floral patterns. Remember, bright patterns accent whatever area they cover, so, if you are self-conscious about a specific area of your body, choose a solid and wear the floral on the area you feel is the most sexy. These tube dresses will turn you into a sexy senorita within minutes of slipping them on. Similar to the strapless dress, they show off bare shoulders, but typically have a less structured look; these dresses make it easy to dance the night away with a special partner. Complete this look with a pair of wedge espadrilles and a chunky beaded necklace in turquoise.

All this talk about dresses! What about the proper underpinnings for these amazing summer pieces? Every girl that has ever worn a strapless dress knows that the one downfall, no matter how well it fits, is that you find yourself tugging at it to keep it in place. So, follow a few, simple rules, and you’ll be able to wear your summer dress all day and night without another thought. To avoid a “shelf” look, choose a strapless bra that offers under wire or lightly molded cups. No matter how big or small ladies, you need to lift and separate! The exception to this rule is if you are wearing a dress that is made of a heavier fabric, such as cotton or linen. Choose a bustier instead of a strapless bra simply because, the heavier the fabric, the more it will weigh your breasts down; a strapless bra will not provide the all day and night support that you will need and it will make your breasts appear saggy. Let’s face it, no one enjoys that look!

One last note about the strapless bra; when shopping for one, it is recommended that you purchase a bra that is one size smaller in the band than you typically wear. This variation will provide additional support and lift when you need it the most; remember you’re going for function over sex kitten, when it comes to pulling off the summer dress look!

How Fashion and Trend Both Mix With Diamonds and Gemstone Jewelry

Diamond and the Engagement rings are always in the fashion and trend and attract a large number of its fans. It makes a valuable and princely fashion investment. The rings or the jewelry made out of the white-gold and platinum look exactly similar to the rings or the jewelry made of pure gold or the platinum. There are numerous differences between the weight, care, requirements and the price but they are more in demand and are much in trend and fashion.

When cleaning a diamond ring do so by gently brushing it with jewelry cleaner – or bring it to your jeweler if they provide free-of-charge professional cleaning and polishing services. It is recommended that you do not wear two pave bands next to each other as this could cause the diamonds to loosen.

The Diamonds are beautifully shown and represented by the so-called white-metals such as silver, white-gold, platinum or palladium, as the light really catches the metal and the stones to create a dazzling sparkle effect in the eyes.

The New stone cutting methods allowed for first time diamond slashes which would include an enhanced geometric flair. These types of methods though are ancient but offer minute designs and quality.

Gems are today’s a date more in demand and they play an important role in the Indian society. The important thing about the gems is their prices. The gems prices can change heavily just like those of diamonds and thus making the jewelry more valuable.

Diamond rings, like any other kind of jewelry, come in many different styles. The rings can be made up of metals as gold, platinum, titanium, silver and stainless steel. For any men the Diamond ring is often in the form of a plain band of some very rare or auspicious metal.

Jewelry is a symbol of love and group membership that the people share with each other.

The wedding jewelry is designed to make it as much delicate as the feminine is. The engagement rings are made up of platinum or perhaps a mix of yellow gold topped using platinum or silver to allow for diamonds to shine and sparkle. The rings made with such care are unearthly and divine and rare in this world.

Wedding bands like the pave bands are not to be wearied next to each other as this could cause the diamonds to loosen.Diamonds in curved bands usually partially cover the band. You will be able to compare these options when you visit a local jewelry store near you.

White-gold and platinum diamond rings look rather similar but still they have minute differences. One should always choose their diamond ring from the best seller in the market and also the one that will best suit you. It was not rare to find Twentieth century engagement rings using pearl nuggets or small diamond.

The diamond rings are available in the market in different designs and colors. The Diamonds can be colored in almost any color that you want to have and match it with anything.

Do You Follow the Latest Beauty Trends?

Every women wants to know what’s going on in the world of beauty trends. No one wants to feel left out, while not all of us are trying to stay on top of the fashion and cosmetic world as super models would, none the less beauty trends are an important part of who we are and our personal style.

With today’s method of the media sharing fashion information with us so quickly it’s amazing we don’t all look the same in the morning driving to work. When in reality if you actually tried to sit down and follow all these trends you’d realize it’s almost impossible to track them all. Nor is there a normal man or women that has the money to be able to follow them all.

We’re bombarded with beauty trends, monthly magazine covers are giving us a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous and all of the current beauty trends they’re following. Also articles that explain what’s hot and what’s not, also how to keep yourself trendy in today’s fast fashion world.

There are of course some staples, in that some beauty trends just don’t go away. For instance the some times stereo typical thought that our entire society believes thin women to be beautiful, and if you’re not part of this click you can’t be part of the beauty trend. This is something that seems to never end, as superficial as it might be, it’s always been here and doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon.

Beauty trends such as what make-up to apply during different seasons which grow and change as time goes on. How ever those like no wearing red one season, and it somehow being all the rage the next that allow the fashion and beauty industry to enjoy continued success. Hard to make a profit if we no longer buy their products.

It’s likely safe to say that your best friend Jenny from around the block didn’t devise the latest fashion trend. Just the coverage alone that new beauty trends get in newspaper, television, and magazines is enough to drive us to the correct answer, and allow us to realize we don’t have to look all that far for the creator of all this.

The big fashion and cosmetic companies are the ones that push these trends on us. They know that women enjoy a change to their style every so often so why not systematize it. They introduce new lines each season, and begin a new marketing campaign about why you must have the newest in eyeliner or Mock neck sweaters. Of course some of this is nice, and we all enjoy a change from time to time, but don’t get yourself caught in it or you could end up breaking the bank.

Want to avoid having to keep up with the Joneses next season? No problem, the next time you read in a trendy magazine that the lipstick color for the season is purple don’t jump the next bus to your local cosmetics store to pick some up. Rather consider if you like the color, and like the way you look wearing it. It’s easy to get caught up in all these beauty trends but it isn’t a must. Stay true to yourself, and the style you’ve created for yourself, then you’ll never worry about the next trend coming down the pipe.

Fashion Jewellery Trends

There are many unique fashion jewellery trends. Some that have been trends in the recent past. One such trend is chandelier earrings. You remember them don’t you, from about five years back? They are great not only paired with evening wear but also with jeans. They can add flair to any denim look and are just as appropriate for a night out on the town.

The trend is also toward large or glitzy pieces of jewellery that tend to make a statement on their own. When wearing a statement piece of jewellery with respect to fashion jewellery trends, wear only one piece. In other words, do not pair that gorgeous (in fashion) cocktail ring with the dangle earrings described above. The look will not even appear eclectic; but miserably out-of-balance. As a rule, when wearing statement pieces keep the number always at one. Some other statement pieces include large cuff bracelets and wide band rings. Also pieces with lots of bling are best kept to the one piece rule.

Perusing trends it is apparent macrame ornamentation is being incorporated into necklaces. Also there are a good deal of lengthy necklaces being worn that fall half way to the wearer’s mid-section. Knotted bead necklaces in champagne and neutrals are popular as well. Also if you are a person who likes Onyx, a large black Onyx ring as a statement piece is a good choice.

Cuff bracelets, large bangles made of either silver or Lucite are trendy. The colorful Lucite style bangle is generally mid-range in width whereas the silver bangles generally are smaller and come two, three, and four to a set. Also silver bangles and Lucite bangles are one of the best costume jewelry choices to pair with jeans or casual wear looks that incorporate a lot of denim.

Charm bracelets and regular rings incorporating heart charms in sterling silver are much admired. In fact sterling silver is a nice clean look and looks great with a wide variety of color hues. It is also less expensive than gold and is quite the popular choice with respect to a precious metal. This is probably due to the economic downturn. Many persons who are looking to purchase fine jewellery find it a less costly option than gold. Also if you are a person who prefers gold anyway; and likes the look of silver, white gold is still an option. The gold that is making the biggest wave as far as popular fashion jewellery trends though is beautiful yellow gold. It looks terrific in a necklace and may be just the right accessory draped over a white sweater.

Whether you choose less pricey options or choose to invest do not allow a sluggish economy get in the way. Jewellery is still one area of fashion that isn’t expensive and can add so much to your wardrobe as well as you self-esteem. You cannot miss with any of the fashion jewellery trends mentioned within the preceding content.

Timeless and Fashionable Beauty Trends for the New Year

It’s official, glam is global. We’ve uncovered some timeless classics and the hottest trends, with influences that span the world. Pack your shopping bags this winter and beat the crowd to next year’s hottest items.

Eastern European Flash – Do as the Russians do and show off a little. It’s time to feel rich and beautiful. High heels, long hair and unapologetic brand loyalty are all you see on the Moscow streets. Think Italy in the 1980’s, and add a little more fur. Gold, silver, leather and satin – this is no time to be shy. Pull out that designer bag you’ve been hiding and pair it with your very best cocktail dress and all the gold you can find.

English Floral – Pin it up and press your seams, English florals are back with a pretty, precise vengeance. Think of a garden party, with white gloves, pearls and windblown curls. The modern, conservative summer look has swept through the fashion industry with sweet florals gracing the runways of several top designers. Those girlish summer dresses are back in fashion, along with your twinset, grandma’s vintage jewelry, cardigans and crocheted scarves.

Indian Slippers – Timeless, inexpensive and chic, you can wear a pair of Indian slippers with nearly anything – your jeans, your weekday suit or your sleek Sunday dress. Heeled or flat, in a rainbow of colors you are sure to find a pair that suits your mood. This princess-perfect look has been happening for thousands of years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Pretty is pretty, no matter what century this is.

Chinese Silk – Robes, dresses, blouses or shoes, Chinese silk is a masterful, rich statement that evolves and tantalizes year to year. There is more to Chinese silk than mandarin collars and peacock prints – think about luscious, rich silk trousers and skirts with a luster and quality that can rival any couture house in the world.

Canadian Winter Wear – Easily the coziest country to imitate. Throw on your flannel shirt, grab a pair of woolly socks and jump under that fleece blanket. Lumberjack plaids and heavy knit sweaters are the mainstay of winter-wise Canadians and should be added to any chic-seekers list for winter. North Dakota is part of Canada right?